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We understand the importance of the quality and availability of our products to
our customers, and we invest a great deal of effort to ensure that the supply
chain from the manufacturer to the customer is efficient, high quality and fast:
Raw Substance:
Cement produced by Ciment comes from a huge cement manufacturer that is part of a leading corporation in the global construction product industry, working in 90 different countries including Greece and Turkey, where we have certified 3 plants that meet the Israeli standard. From the substance compound stage, the cement we import is manufactured using a meticulous and professional production process, which ensures a more stable and durable outcome.
The Cement Terminal:
Ciment’s cement terminal is located at Israel’s first private port, which is one of the largest and most modern ports in the world. The terminal’s activity is computerized, quick and reliable, enabling the receipt, storage, mixing and distribution of the cement in an efficient manner, adhering to the strictest environmental protection standards.
The Packing Plant:
Based on the most advanced technology, Ciment’s packing plant packs the product in sacks of 25 or 50 kgs. The packing is completely automated, ensuring negligible depreciation and amazing efficiency and packing speed.
Transport and Shipping:
Ciment is proud to employ a fleet of completely new trucks that ensures that the assignment is completed and the cement is delivered to the customer’s door, while meeting all the strict service conditions we have set for ourselves.
Our advantages
An Innovative Terminal
Your Private Port
Human Capital
Israel Shipyards Port is situated in Haifa and is Israel’s first private port.
The port serves as an example of advancement and technology and provides a broad system of logistical services and impressive operational flexibility. Ciment operates a cement terminal at the port, which is proximate to the water line and employs a professional skilled team that ensures a low level of depreciation, a high level of availability and extraordinary efficiency.
Ciment's state-of-the-art cement terminal features the greatest technological innovations in the field
  • A pneumatic pump that allows 'dry' and clean
    unloading of the raw material from the ship;
  • 9 silos with a capacity of over 34,000 tons, 45 meters
    high, located only 30 meters from the terminal’s edge;
  • An automated packing plant with a capacity for
    dynamic mixing that enables every customer to order
    the product that best suits his needs.
  • This terminal meets the most stringent standards
    related to safety, control and environmental protection.
  • 8 truck loading bays with a loading capacity
    of over 1000 tons per hour
The Ciment team boasts more than 30 years of experience in the global construction products industry, with extensive knowledge and experience in the shipping, trading and sale of commodities.
Our growth in this industry has enabled us to understand the needs and desires of our customers and to make every effort to bring them to fruition. We believe that dedicated service, availability and flexibility, as well as a quality product are the sure path to success. This is the reason that we have chosen our staff carefully and train them to work guided by a service-orientated approach.
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Terms of use
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